I Will Never Stop Watching Friends


Everyone has something to read, listen to or watch when we feel ill or just a bit down. For me, as well as a bunch of cheesy chick flicks, Friends is the show I watch when I’m down or sick. I have watched and re-watched so many times, I feel as though I am the seventh member of the group, as I suppose many others do.

A few weeks ago I was ill, and all I wanted to do was be wrapped up in bed watching Friends. And having plenty of time on my hands I started at the beginning. So for probably the 10th time or so, I have seen Ross and Rachel break up and get back together, Joey fail and win at acting, Monica and Chandler get married and Phoebe carry on being her weird and wonderful self. Though it’s only been a couple weeks or so that I started re-watching it, things have changed for myself, and so not only is the theme song relevant,  but many parts of the show.

Each time I re-watch it, even if it is a couple episodes or a whole season, I can always relate to a part of it, despite the characters being in their late twenties to early thirties and I am only 21 (when I wrote this). But they have relationship problems, jobs and money issues, fights with siblings and fights with each other, as roommates and as friends. Friends is the type of show that will be timeless. Over twenty years since it first aired and its still hugely popular – I prefer it over many of the sitcoms currently on TV.

It’s a sitcom that has the ability to make you cry as easy as laugh out loud. Brilliant writers creating stories and characters performed so well by a fantastic cast. Everything fits on this show. Nevertheless, I don’t actually want to see a reunion show or film. I can use my imagination that Monica and Chandler are raising their cute little twins, possibly with another adopted child. Phoebe and Mike have become soccer parents, Joey the best actor in New York, though living above the garage at Monica and Chandler’s house and Ross and Rachel are happily together – not on a break.

In my eyes, Friends always shows life will turn out OK. I will keep watching it to put a smile on my face.



About Monica Jowett

I am a graduate of the University of South Wales, where I studied Film Studies. I write reviews and articles for my own blog and other sites, and spend a lot of my time living and breathing all things film related. I love films and TV. I avoid horror as I am a little too jumpy, but do have an unashamed love for soppy chick-flicks.
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