Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Review

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidts’ first season was a surprise hit last year, from co-creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, who had worked together on 30 Rock. It was fun, bubbly and quirky and had a serious subject matter at its centre – a young woman recovering from a traumatic experience of being held underground in a bunker for 15 years.And thankfully, season 2 is just as good.

Starring Ellie Kemper as the titular Kimmy, the show packs in laughs, extremely quotable lines (and songs) lovable characters and also a lot of warmth and heart. The 13 episodes are just the right amount, and perfect for a weekend binging on it. The brightness of it prevents it from being too realistic but sometimes you need to submerge in a colourful fantasy.

Now Kimmy’s captor Reverend Wayne (Jon Hamm) is behind bars, she begins to move forward with her life and starts to enjoy living in New York City. Though it begins with Kimmy still pining for her former class-mate Dong Nguyen (Ki Hong Lee) who is trapped in a green card marriage, her story in season 2 changes for the better when she is introduced to Tina Fey’s psychiatrist/alcohol Andrea. The two troubled women help each other, and we learn her time in the bunker is not the only trouble in Kimmy’s past.

Like the first season, Tituss Burgess steals the show as Titus Andromedon. He has flawless delivery of some of the best lines in the show, and he provides humorous quips like there is no tomorrow. He also has one of my favourite story lines from this season in his relationship with Mikey (Mike Carlsen). Meanwhile, Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) gains some character development as she comes to terms with her divorce and going back to her roots. Her usual antics create for some good socialite capers and squaring off to the brilliant Anna Camp as Deirdre.

Following the first season, we are also in for a treat with all the brilliant guest stars who show up, from episode long appearances to just a few minutes on screen. Jeff Goldblum, Amy Sedaris, David Cross, Joshua Jackson and Lisa Kudrow are just a few of the delights to expect.

Season 2 breaks into song even more than the first, and that is definitely not a bad thing. The theme is still the catchy ‘songified’ fake news clip, and both Titus and Kimmy break into song on more than one occasion. My favourite: ‘Bunny and Kitty’. The upbeat, happy-go-lucky score from Jeff Richmond is perfect for the tone of the show.

The lengthened time of each episode from 22 minutes to 30 does make some of the story lines feel a little dragged out. By keeping it short, plot lines could have made a bigger punch when they needed to.


About Monica Jowett

I am a graduate of the University of South Wales, where I studied Film Studies. I write reviews and articles for my own blog and other sites, and spend a lot of my time living and breathing all things film related. I love films and TV. I avoid horror as I am a little too jumpy, but do have an unashamed love for soppy chick-flicks.
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