Awesome Music Videos (In My Opinion) Pt. 1

Screenshot from the video of 'Magnificent Time' by Travis

Screenshot from the video of ‘Magnificent Time’ by Travis

I recently got back into listening to the Scottish band Travis, as they have a new album out and they are such an easy and enjoyable listen when I’m working. Before the album was released I was listening to their singles on You Tube and I had forgotten what brilliant – and bizarre – music videos this band do, so it got me thinking about what other awesome music videos there are – which are my personal favourites.

Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly

The Foo Fighters have tonnes of brilliant music videos, Dave Grohl is a master at poking fun at himself. He has dressed in drag, been chased by teenage girls and is still one of the coolest rock stars ever. But my favourite video is Learn to Fly. Each member of the band(Grohl, Nate Mendel and Taylor Hawkins)  plays multiple roles and the video spoofs the film Airplane! (1980). Great music, great video.


OK GO – This Too Shall Pass (Rude Goldberg Machine)

This band have become famous for the innovative and extremely fun music videos they make. Often low budget and sometimes in one take, the band have created music videos in zero gravity, dancing on treadmills, using stop-motion animation and creating optical illusions. There music is pretty great too. They have clearly embraced their different video-making style, and you should check the rest out on You Tube.


James – Moving On

For years, James have been creating some brilliant and weird music videos. More recently, their music videos have become more like short films, using animation, stop-motion, focusing away from the band and onto the lyrics. My favourite, Moving On, was directed by BAFTA winning Ainslie Henderson.


Travis – Sing

Travis are one of those bands whose music videos fit so perfectly with the image and music of the band. Their post-Brit pop and soft rock makes for such easy and enjoyable listening, and their music videos like Flowers in the Window, Closer, Moving, Magnificent Time and especially Sing reflect that. I remember seeing Sing on TV and wanting to be in that food fight.


Coldplay – Magic

For some reason Coldplay seems to be a marmite band – you love them or hate them . Personally, I like them, though their music is over played. And they also make some cracking music videos, like the recent Up&Up, or Adventure Of A Lifetime, Paradise, Life in Technicolor and my favourite, Magic. You might dislike them, but you can’t disagree that they don’t have a imaginative and creative way of making music videos.


Too be continued…


About Monica Jowett

I am a graduate of the University of South Wales, where I studied Film Studies. I write reviews and articles for my own blog and other sites, and spend a lot of my time living and breathing all things film related. I love films and TV. I avoid horror as I am a little too jumpy, but do have an unashamed love for soppy chick-flicks.
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